I'm a big fan of animation, both domestic and foreign. I've really gotten into Japanimation in the last couple years - some of this stuff is fantastic! Below are listed some of my favorite "cartoons", with links to sites about them if such sites exist.


Scooby Doo This is probably one of my favorite cartoons from when I was a kid. It had a catchy song, and funny episodes. Forget it, though, when they added "Scrappy Doo" and "Scooby Dum". They just made the show "Scooby Dumber".

The Tick This is such a funny cartoon! The Tick and his superhero friends are about stupid, but they really can make you laugh. This series is moving to Comedy Central this fall.

The Simpsons A cartoon I think is more for grownups than kids. Wonderful references to movies and such, particularly "A Clockwork Orange".

Duckman This is probably the most sarcastic, adult-oriented cartoon on the air in this country. Truly irreverant, but it delivers a full 30 minutes of off-the-couch laughter!

South Park This is hysterical! Rated TV-MA by the censors (for language, I imagine), this is about some kids in South Park, Colorado, and their town's problems with farting, anal probes, and other suitably obnoxious stuff. Every episode, they kill Kenny. Those bastards!


Urotsukidoji : Legend of the Overfiend I first saw this on video in 5 episodes with subtitles. There is a 90 minute movie that combines the episodes and is also dubbed. Pretty strong on sex and violence, and definitely not for young children.

Urotsukidoji II : Legend of the Demon Womb Available the same way as _Legend of the Overfiend_, and also available on Laserdisc. This one comes with the same warnings.

Fist of the North Star Newly released on Laserdisc, this must be one of the bloodiest animations I've ever seen! A pretty good story, too.

Vampire Hunter D

Twilight of the Cockroaches

If you have comments about the above, or can suggest any more great stuff I may have missed, email me at zowada@uwyo.edu

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