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I enjoy reading Action and Espionage novels. My favorite authors in this genre are listed below, with links to good pages about them.

Ian Fleming My favorite espionage writer, by far. James Bond was the best spy in the business. My favorite book is _Live and Let Die_. My favorite chapter title is "He Disagreed With Something that Ate Him".

John Gardner Gardner's books have taken up where Ian Fleming left off. Most of them are pretty good, and Gardner gets the style down fairly well.

Robert Ludlum Robert Ludlum has some tremendous books out there! My favorite is _The Bourne Identity_. This book has you hooked from page one, and the twist in the middle is entirely unexpected! Many of his other novels are good as well - _The Holcroft Covenant_ and the other "Bourne" books.

Action - Adventure in Film

I love Action - Adventure films that have a good plot, or such high action that the plot is irrelevant!. Below are some of my favorite Action - Adventure movies.

The Spy Who Loved Me

You Only Live Twice


Dr. No

Diamonds are Forever

Live and Let Die

From Russia With Love


The Man With the Golden Gun




Rumble in the Bronx


Demolition Man

Die Hard

Die Hard With a Vengeance

Action - Adventure On TV

The Wild Wild West

The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.

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