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Stuff I Think is Cool There's a lot of stuff I think is cool. I love to read and watch movies and laserdiscs. My favorite book and movie genres are Horror, Science Fiction, Mystery, and Action/Adventure. I also enjoy Japanimation and Cartoons.

I'm an avid Magic player. It's probably my favorite game right now. If you don't play, beware! Once you start, you get hooked! It's probably worse than a nicotine or heroin addiction! I'm also learning how to play other card games, like Mythos, the new game based on Lovecraft's mythology, and the X-Files card game. 

As for online games, the best and funnest I've found is Riddler. It's free, fun, and you can win some really great prizes. I've won a book, two CDs, a mousepad, a hat, and a Tshirt so far! There's also some really big stuff like laptop computers and cars. Check it out!!

Check out Chimera's page, which has lots of links to high IQ societies, IQ tests, puzzles, etc. There's something there for almost anyone!

My favorite music is Heavy Metal, although I will listen to just about anything except Country and Rap. Yuk! I do occasional record reviews for an Alternative Rock SIG I belong to, which lets me try out a lot of interesting new music.

About Sam I Am About Myself, Sam I Am. Stop in! 

"Futuaris non irresus ridebis" - wise Roman scholar

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