Whiteman AFB Minuteman Missile Site Coordinates

Whiteman Air Force Base, located in western Missouri, initially had 150 Minuteman I missiles which were in place around the end of 1963. In 1966 Whiteman became the first base to undergo an upgrade to Minuteman II which was completed by October 3 1967. Under the START-I treaty, Whiteman's missiles were phased out and the sites destroyed. The first silo was imploded on December 8 1993 and the last on December 15 1997.

A discussion of Missouri environmental cleanup projects includes Whiteman, see http://www.dnr.mo.gov/pubs/pub2087.pdf (link died, try http://web.archive.org/web/20070415070845/http://www.dnr.mo.gov/pubs/pub2087.pdf).

All of the USGS photographs were taken at some point during destruction or after destruction; in many cases you can see a hole where the silo was, which was an intentional demonstration to Russian satellites that the facility was no longer active. The holes were later filled and graded flat. The Google imagery is newer.

Missile Alert Facility Oscar-1 (O-1) was preserved. Tours can be arranged by contacting the 509th Bomb Wing Public Affairs office at (660) 687-6123 (per http://www.whiteman.af.mil/news/story.asp?storyID=123059736).

508th SMS 509th SMS 510th SMS 351st MW 351st MW
(Patch images courtesy of USAFPatches.com. Note that the squadrons were probably Missile Squadrons, not Strategic Missile Squadrons, by the time they were inactivated but I could only find images for the latter).

The people: Whiteman's missiles were manned by the 508th MS (flights A-E, activated May 1 1963, deactivated ???), 509th MS (flights F, I, M-O, activated June 1 1963, deactivated ???), and 510th MS (flights G, H, J-L, activated June 1 1963, deactivated ???), under the 351st MW (activated February 1 1963, deactivated July 31 1995).

Today Whiteman is the home of the B-2 bomber. And their web site doesn't even mention missiles.

References include:

Each squadron was responsible for 5 flights of 10 missiles each, or 50 missiles. Sites are designated by flight, using one letter of the alphabet, followed by a number. The first site in each flight is #1 and designates the Missile Alert Facility (MAF) which consists of an above-ground structure plus an underground Launch Control Center (LCC) staffed by two officers. The Launch Facilities (LFs, i.e. missile silos) are numbered 2 through 11 and are connected to the MAF/LCC by the Hardened Intersite Cable System (HICS) which also interconnects flights.

In June of 2004 it was discovered there are ten former launch facilities for sale. Basically all you would get is a fenced and graveled enclosure. The sale is briefly discussed at http://propertydisposal.gsa.gov/Property/PropforSale/ShowProperty.ASP?PropertyID=979 (the link died, try http://web.archive.org/web/20060104053917/http://propertydisposal.gsa.gov/Property/PropforSale/ShowProperty.ASP?PropertyID=979 but that link died as well due to what I consider an absurd policy of archive.org to apply robots.txt restrictions retroactively) with a PDF file describing the property in detail, and terms of sale. The sale closing date was July 1 2004. D-10 is one of the sites (a photo of it was on the web site) but I didn't bother to determine the rest. Some of the terms of sale include an agreement that the buyer will not install a water well, and will not excavate farther than two feet down. For perusal after the sale, I have saved the 44-page description here. In July 2005 I discovered another sale of Whiteman LFs, see http://propertydisposal.gsa.gov/Property/PropforSale/ShowProperty.ASP?PropertyID=1327 (the link died, try http://web.archive.org/web/20060103204937/http://propertydisposal.gsa.gov/Property/PropforSale/ShowProperty.ASP?PropertyID=1327 but again, that died as well), and I saved the Invitation for Bid here.

An article here discusses groundwater contamination in Kansas but also mentions in passing that a treatment system "is still going strong, cleaning drinking water at a contaminated site near Warrensburg, Mo." But that link died, try http://web.archive.org/web/20070823221512/http://www.hq.usace.army.mil/cepa/pubs/may04/story16.htm. I don't know exactly which site, there are several near Warrensburg.

For humor, I also include the nicknames given in Nuclear Heartland.

Google Maps
39-04-04  93-26-19 A-1
"Smothered Conscience"

Google Maps
39-07-03  93-22-34 A-2
"The Death of Us"

Google Maps
39-03-46  93-19-25 A-3
"Blind Pony"

Google Maps
39-00-33  93-23-32 A-4
"Take It Away"
A small building/shed has been constructed on the site.

Google Maps
38-58-24  93-27-38 A-5
"Burns and Lacerations"
Two small buildings have been constructed on the site.

Google Maps
38-57-43  93-35-04 A-6
Just off Minuteman Road, the site is nearly completely obliterated.

Google Maps
38-59-45  93-40-52 A-7

Google Maps
39-02-35  93-33-11 A-8
"Lose It"

Google Maps
39-03-09  93-38-14 A-9
There are now three small grain silos where the LF was.

Google Maps
39-07-57  93-37-52 A-10
Incorrect coordinates (latitude of 39-03-57) were listed here until discovered and corrected 4/26/2010.

Google Maps
39-07-38  93-29-07 A-11
The LF now looks like a junk yard. Also notice that all the roads in the area point slightly clockwise from north-south-east-west. I assume they were laid out in relation to magnetic north instead of geographic north. But the LF itself is aligned with geographic north.

Google Maps
38-55-38  93-12-42 B-1
There is a new roof on the MAF.

Google Maps
39-01-59  93-11-52 B-2
"Save the People"
This LF is now thoroughly obliterated.

Google Maps
38-58-06  93-07-33 B-3
"Stay Down"

Google Maps
38-57-23  93-01-55 B-4
"Before You Go"

Google Maps
38-53-29  93-07-34 B-5

Google Maps
38-51-34  93-12-32 B-6

Google Maps
38-46-17  93-13-23 B-7
"Not Well"

Google Maps
38-51-24  93-19-35 B-8

Google Maps
38-54-42  93-18-22 B-9
"We're History"

Google Maps
38-55-31  93-23-46 B-10
"Over the Cliff"

Google Maps
38-59-19  93-16-20 B-11
"All Done"
A small building and other work in the enclosure.

Google Maps
38-48-00  92-57-05 C-1

Google Maps
38-52-58  92-53-42 C-2

Google Maps
38-56-29  92-50-09 C-3
The former LF seems to straddle two different properties, there is now a near-diagonal fence within the enclosure to split it between the different owners.

Google Maps
38-48-47  92-50-47 C-4
"Thomas Eagleton"
Thomas Eagleton was a Missouri senator from 1968 to 1987.

Google Maps
38-44-01  92-51-04 C-5
"Pounce On"

Google Maps
38-43-50  92-56-34 C-6

Google Maps
38-40-35  93-00-02 C-7
"More of the Same"

Google Maps
38-41-28  93-05-09 C-8
Just outside a town called Smithton, hence the nickname.

Google Maps
38-45-20  93-07-33 C-9
"Pass the Buck"

Google Maps
38-46-34  93-02-34 C-10
"Animal Rights"

Google Maps
39-00-37  92-57-12 C-11

Google Maps
38-36-45  92-47-15 D-1
"Tip Over"

Google Maps
38-40-50  92-46-36 D-2

Google Maps
38-42-46  92-40-28 D-3

Google Maps
38-38-28  92-40-47 D-4
Quite a bit of clutter inside the enclosure.

Google Maps
38-27-10  92-43-01 D-5

Google Maps
38-27-38  92-48-26 D-6

Google Maps
38-32-04  92-48-03 D-7

Google Maps
38-25-58  92-54-51 D-8
Just west of the town of Versailles, hence the related nickname.

Google Maps
38-26-42  93-01-59 D-9
"Shove It"

Google Maps
38-33-51  92-58-49 D-10
As the nickname suggests, this one is well hidden by vegetation.

Google Maps
38-39-32  92-53-01 D-11
"Cause It"

Google Maps
38-33-46  93-06-34 E-1
"Ban It"
There is a new roof on the MAF and lots of equipment stored.

Google Maps
38-37-44  93-03-34 E-2
"Flat Creek"

Google Maps
38-30-52  93-02-17 E-3
"Pay It Out"

Google Maps
38-28-20  93-07-55 E-4
"Crock of"

Google Maps
38-26-09  93-13-41 E-5

Google Maps
38-30-34  93-12-11 E-6

Google Maps
38-33-58  93-18-21 E-7

Google Maps
38-34-37  93-12-11 E-8
"Spring Fork"
Spring Fork is a nearby town, hence the nickname.

Google Maps
38-37-23  93-16-24 E-9
"Sedate It"
Unusually long access road.

Google Maps
38-42-04  93-20-39 E-10

Google Maps
38-37-44  93-09-12 E-11
"Eat It"

Google Maps
38-28-48  93-26-00 F-1
"Abandon It"

Google Maps
38-37-54  93-22-12 F-2

Google Maps
38-32-12  93-23-04 F-3
This site has been heavily developed with several buildings and grain silos. It also looks like they avoided doing any excavation on the former LF itself which is a requirement.

Google Maps
38-30-00  93-17-17 F-4

Google Maps
38-26-56  93-20-58 F-5

Google Maps
38-22-43  93-20-06 F-6
"Presidential Directive"
Thoroughly obliterated.

Google Maps
38-24-26  93-27-17 F-7
"Pale Pinto"

Google Maps
38-19-59  93-32-39 F-8
A house has been built just off the southwest corner of the LF.

Google Maps
38-26-39  93-31-58 F-9
"D. Brook Bartlett"
D. Brook Bartlett was a judge of the US District Court for western Missouri. I'm not sure what the connection with nuclear deterrence is.

Google Maps
38-33-28  93-31-46 F-10
"Winds of War"
As a guess, the nickname sounds like Windsor, a nearby town.

Google Maps
38-36-51  93-28-22 F-11

Google Maps
38-11-00  93-51-06 G-1
There is a new roof on the MAF and a new building, two small grain silos but overall it is quite tidy.

Google Maps
38-15-10  93-48-50 G-2
Quite a few hay rolls and about a dozen vehicles inside the enclosure. Google Maps shows a nearby placemark for D&D Auto Sales.

Google Maps
38-12-18  93-45-36 G-3
"Hot Water"
Lots of hay rolls plus two structures that look more like soft-tops than metal structures.

Google Maps
38-07-10  93-42-28 G-4
"Low Down"
After the USGS photo was taken, the highway was upgraded to four lanes, divided.

Google Maps
37-59-43  93-41-13 G-5

Google Maps
37-53-35  93-38-29 G-6
"Call for Help"

Google Maps
37-55-07  93-44-18 G-7
"Clark and Mary Beth's"

Google Maps
37-58-25  93-47-07 G-8

Google Maps
38-07-37  93-54-24 G-9
"Take It"
In the older USGS photo, I just think it's interesting the way the road to the site just disappears. Usually a dead-end road makes an abrupt transition but this one slowly tapers to nothing. In newer Google imagery the road continues south.

Google Maps
38-11-07  93-57-13 G-10

Google Maps
38-14-32  93-54-25 G-11
"William Casey's"

Google Maps
37-51-37  94-04-01 H-1
"No More Cheese"
Immediately southeast from a junk yard, now strangely appropriate.

Google Maps
37-55-08  94-00-28 H-2

Google Maps
37-57-15  93-52-04 H-3

Google Maps
37-52-39  93-52-13 H-4
"See Saw"

Google Maps
37-51-43  93-56-47 H-5

Google Maps
37-43-39  93-55-00 H-6

Google Maps
37-45-58  93-59-04 H-7
"Fill It"

Google Maps
37-46-34  94-04-16 H-8

Google Maps
37-48-48  94-09-09 H-9

Google Maps
37-52-07  94-11-54 H-10
"Dead Like"

Google Maps
37-55-03  94-07-18 H-11
This was the last Minuteman II silo to be destroyed, on December 22 1997. See notes at the top of this page.

Google Maps
38-28-49  93-44-57 I-1
"Close It Down"
Just one of those interesting angled MAFs.

Google Maps
38-37-30  93-43-13 I-2

Google Maps
38-35-23  93-38-08 I-3

Google Maps
38-31-21  93-39-35 I-4
"Big Mo"

Google Maps
38-30-00  93-35-01 I-5
"No Pal of Mine"

Google Maps
38-26-58  93-40-02 I-6
"Nuclear Free"

Google Maps
38-21-52  93-38-01 I-7
Two grain silos have been constructed on the site.

Google Maps
38-26-32  93-50-01 I-8
"Ladon, Kathy & Erny's"

Google Maps
38-27-35  93-55-57 I-9

Google Maps
38-36-27  93-48-15 I-10
In Google Earth imagery from around 2006 the upper half of the LF is obliterated. Around 2012-2014 two buildings were constructed just to the west of the LF.

Google Maps
38-33-12  93-45-31 I-11
A building has been constructed on the LF.

Google Maps
38-08-10  94-06-27 J-1

Google Maps
38-15-59  94-01-10 J-2
Interesting the way they had to locate the site, and run the access road around some sort of hole in the ground.

Google Maps
38-11-34  94-03-28 J-3

Google Maps
38-06-29  93-59-53 J-4
"Eve of Destruction"

Google Maps
38-04-27  94-04-11 J-5
"Times Are Changing"

Google Maps
37-59-08  94-02-05 J-6
"Universal Soldier"

Google Maps
37-58-48  94-07-06 J-7
"We Want Our Rights"

Google Maps
38-05-29  94-10-27 J-8
"Sweet Sympathy"
September 17, 2005, for sale by the GSA. See http://www.auctionrp.com/auctions2/default.cfm?action=viewAuction&catId=3299 (link died, try the archived 1/1/2006 version at http://web.archive.org/web/20060101181310/http://www.auctionrp.com/auctions2/default.cfm?action=viewAuction&catId=3299). The Invitation for Bid (IFB) was at http://www.auctionrp.com/auctions2/documents/item/ACFB111.pdf but the link died and archive.org doesn't have a copy. January 3, 2006, I noticed the auction was over as of 12/20/2005. The highest bid was $2,700 by a bidder named "shaka".

Google Maps
38-07-33  94-15-04 J-9
"The Road to Find Out"

Google Maps
38-10-03  94-11-01 J-10
"Underground Railroad"

Google Maps
38-14-01  94-09-07 J-11

Google Maps
38-21-16  94-27-16 K-1

Google Maps
38-25-21  94-27-14 K-2

Google Maps
38-23-47  94-22-51 K-3
"Dump It"

Google Maps
38-20-21  94-20-09 K-4
"Pass It Up"

Google Maps
38-15-41  94-16-02 K-5
"No Business"

Google Maps
38-11-07  94-16-30 K-6

Google Maps
38-17-43  94-24-36 K-7

Google Maps
38-05-47  94-20-18 K-8
"For the Rich"

Google Maps
38-12-32  94-23-42 K-9
"Jerry and Joe's"

Google Maps
38-18-10  94-31-48 K-10

Google Maps
38-23-59  94-31-48 K-11
"Go Far Away"

Google Maps
38-29-56  94-15-10 L-1
"All Sin"

Google Maps
38-34-50  94-13-14 L-2

Google Maps
38-35-07  94-06-06 L-3
"No Tours"

Google Maps
38-35-07  94-00-49 L-4

Google Maps
38-37-49  93-54-14 L-5
"The lies"

Google Maps
38-31-19  94-08-24 L-6
"No Garden"

Google Maps
38-33-33  93-55-56 L-7

Google Maps
38-30-23  94-00-11 L-8

Google Maps
38-26-37  94-18-52 L-9
"No Thank You"
A fairly large building has been constructed.

Google Maps
38-29-17  94-30-02 L-10
"Too Bad We Found It"
A fairly small building has been constucted.

Google Maps
38-32-35  94-20-58 L-11
"Your Sons"

Google Maps
38-43-30  93-56-40 M-1

Google Maps
38-50-10  93-50-11 M-2

Google Maps
38-50-35  93-44-34 M-3
"For the Birds"
Fairly well obliterated. Part of the access road now leads to a new housing development.

Google Maps
38-45-54  93-51-27 M-4

Google Maps
38-42-08  93-43-02 M-5
"Steve and Judy's"

Google Maps
38-42-26  93-51-21 M-6
"Norm and Nancy's"

Google Maps
38-40-01  94-00-12 M-7
"Sick Bed"

Google Maps
38-41-12  94-06-23 M-8

Google Maps
38-44-11  94-02-46 M-9
"The King's"
Near Kingsville, hence the nickname.

Google Maps
38-47-20  93-59-32 M-10
"The Pits"

Google Maps
38-50-49  93-57-33 M-11

Google Maps
38-58-14  93-53-31 N-1
"Helen and Carl's"

Google Maps
39-04-20  93-53-03 N-2

Google Maps
39-07-14  93-43-54 N-3

Google Maps
39-03-17  93-43-54 N-4

Google Maps
39-00-16  93-48-51 N-5
"Pruning Hooks"

Google Maps
38-56-16  93-44-15 N-6
"James Richard Sauder"
James Richard Sauder is a peace activist and author.

Google Maps
38-53-50  93-47-49 N-7
A building has been constructed on the LF, a lot of stuff is also stored there, and other development has occured next to the LF.

Google Maps
38-53-40  93-53-25 N-8
The LF seems to be used for watercraft storage.

Google Maps
38-53-49  94-00-47 N-9
"Peter and Paul's"

Google Maps
38-57-38  93-59-02 N-10
"No Life"

Google Maps
39-01-52  93-58-10 N-11
Tanker-trailer storage.

Google Maps
38-43-14  93-33-57 O-1
"White Man's"
This Missile Alert Facility is actually on Whiteman Air Force base. The full-sized USGS photo shows O-1 near the southwest corner (it is at the center of the Google image), and the training silo was a little farther NE (visible in the old USGS image but now gone). Because of its location on-base it was frequently used for VIP tours, not always appreciated by the alert crews who had to cover or stow classified material. It's now open to public tours, see notes at the top of this page.

Google Maps
38-53-02  93-32-48 O-2
September 17, 2005, for sale by the GSA. See http://www.auctionrp.com/auctions2/default.cfm?action=viewAuction&catId=3299 (oddly, they re-use the same URL for auctions so the current version has nothing to do with this, try the archived 1/1/2006 version at http://web.archive.org/web/20060101181310/http://www.auctionrp.com/auctions2/default.cfm?action=viewAuction&catId=3299). The Invitation for Bid (IFB) was at http://www.auctionrp.com/auctions2/documents/item/ACFB111.pdf but the link died, try http://web.archive.org/web/20060115093010/http://www.auctionrp.com/auctions2/documents/item/ACFB111.pdf. January 3, 2006, I noticed the auction was over on 12/27/2005. The highest bid was $3,600 by "kermit20".

Google Maps
38-47-54  93-30-02 O-3

Google Maps
38-49-48  93-24-10 O-4
"The Family"

Google Maps
38-45-07  93-25-35 O-5
"Don't Do It"
Next to the LF are several large propane tanks. Next to the highway junction, a sign says "AG COOP SERVICES".

Google Maps
38-46-05  93-20-00 O-6
"Twisted, Sightless Wrecks of Men"
One of the more interesting Nuclear Heartland nicknames, especially for the Whiteman sites.

Google Maps
38-40-57  93-26-02 O-7

Google Maps
38-38-19  93-33-51 O-8
"Soldier Blues"

Google Maps
38-41-18  93-38-19 O-9

Google Maps
38-48-06  93-36-59 O-10
The LF seems to be storage space for farm/construction equipment.

Google Maps
38-52-35  93-39-35 O-11

Google Maps
38-43-21  93-33-48 T-12
This was the on-base training Launch Facility (silo). It is a short distance northeast of Missile Alert Facility O-1 which was the only MAF to be constructed on a base (the irregular polygon near the lower-left of the USGS image). One detail is that it had 4 gates, to allow crews to simulate any one of the 4 possible configurations in the field. Prior to its construction around 1966 or 1967, O-8 was used for training when needed. Since Whiteman now has no active missiles, this facility was apparently destroyed (based on more recent Google Earth images). I understand the National Park Service's Rocky Mountain System Support Office (PO Box 25287, Denver CO 80225-0287, as of DEC 96) had produced a Historic American Engineering Record to document T-12 at Whiteman. It's HAER # MO-88, and titled "Whiteman Air Force Base, Minuteman Missile Launch Facility Trainer T-12 (Whiteman AFB Facility 1100)." A relevant URL is http://www.loc.gov/pictures/item/mo1801. Although the document has not been digitized, the above link does include 3 pages of drawings and 25 photos.

Google Maps
38-43-30  93-32-20 WSA
Based on appearance, this must be the Weapons Storage Area (WSA). Notice the remnants of old runways criss-crossing just to the west of the WSA and even including the WSA, in the old USGS image; in newer Google Earth imagery these are nearly gone.