Welcome to my kite pages. Like most people I flew kites as a kid and then kind of gave up the activity as I got older. Recently I rediscovered kite flying and before long had also gotten into the designing and building aspect of kites as well. Flying something that you yourself have built is an experience one can only relate to if one has done it.

Kite flying isn't just for kids either. I find it quite relaxing (much like fishing) and if one is flying dual line stunters it can be quite exciting.

What I hope to be able to provide with these web pages is bits of wisdom I may have learned in my experiences with building and flying kites as well show off some of my work. I hope you enjoy looking around. I will try to keep my "what's new" page updated so if you're a frequent visitor you can make a quick check to see where things may have changed.

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NOTE: If a link doesn't work then that page is probably still under construction.

Kite Flying in Wyoming
One thing we seem to have plenty of here in Wyoming is wind. One would think this would be great for kite flying but it's not quite as perfect as it would seem. Often times the wind is too strong to fly kites (unless they're made of sheet metal). Another attribute of our wind is that it is seldom steady which makes flying all the more challenging at times. One minute you can be jogging backwards trying to keep your kite in the air and 5 minutes later watching broken spars fall to the ground as a 30-40 mph gust rips across your flying field. All in all though, this is a pretty good place to be if you like to fly kites.

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